Sunday, 24 April 2016

How can you assess your e-project?

Hi everybody! 
On this new post, I going to talk about how you can create your own rubric, what it is a good web tool to create a rubric is and an example, which can help you. 

Ok, are you ready???????? We are going to start. First of all, a good web tool that you can use to create an easy and free rubric is the app Quick Rubric. To create a rubric here, I advise you to create an account here. That is easy, you have to click in "log in" and choose the option "I´m a new user" in order to create a username, a password and introduce an email, because then you can save your rubric without problems and when you close session in this web tool, if you want to go back, you only have to click in "log in" and then in "I have an account" to introduce your email or username and the chosen password . 

Finally, you can create your rubric, and you can choose the number of columns and rows to create your personalized rubric. Then, you have to decide the maximum and minimum score, that means that if you have 3 different items in your rubric, you need a scale of rating of 3 progressive ratings (1, 2 and 3 points) then your maximum score would be 9 (3x3) and your minimum 3 (1x3). In my own rubric I created 8 items or criteria with 3 progressive ratings, for this reason I need a maximum score of 10 and a minimum 25. For me, this method was a little difficult in the beginning but then with practise and attention you can choose the best option for you.

Then, when you choose the structure and the rating of the rubric, you can write on your rubric, clicking on the square that sayst (Edit Me, Criteria Rubric, the titles on the ratings or Nameless Rubric). And as I said, if you want to leave your session, this tool allows you to save it. Finally, when you finish the rubric, if you want to share it, you need to save it, go to “My rubrics”, click on “View/Print” and then at the bottom of the page you will find the URL of your own rubric.

Now, I am going to show you my own rubric that I created with Quick Rubric:

In short, I think that this web tool is incredible, nice and easy to use. Although, some things could be improved or changed, it is the way of putting the ratings score and you can create your rating and you can edit the spaces for the texts. Moreover, I don´t know if you can copy the rubric to a word document, but it seems impossible, because the only alternative that I see is to print it just like that. Finally, I don´t know if you can take an embedded code either in the app, but you can solve this problem, if you upload your rubric in pdf to Google Drive (To do this, you have to click in the option of the Quick Rubric app "Print rubric" and then save it in your computer in PDF). When you have uploaded the document to Google Drive, there you can take the embedded code of your PDF.

Come on!!!!!!! I encourage to use this wonderful web tool and you can tell me what your opinion is about it.

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