Friday, 22 April 2016

What type of reader am I?

Hello everybody!

In this new mission, I am working alone again :( . Well, don´t worry because  I am going to tell you new things on this post. 

You know that the Book Day (April 23rd) is coming and for this reason this post is dedicated to those incedible friends that have many letters in their pages, sometimes images or photos and that tell us interesting stories, which capture us with their topics, characters and scenes.

Now I will throw you a question, what type of reader are you? This is a difficult question that each one of us must ask for hereself/himself. In my case, I must confess that I am not reading many books now because I have many things and homework but in my free time I love reading books because with them, you can fly and escape from reality, learn values and new words, develop your imagination, and something important,  don't let your thrill escape by learning more things.

How can you get everything? By reading books that you like, for example, I love books about mistery, horror, fantasy, etc.  And my favorite book in the world is Black Wings in Spanish "Alas Negras", which is written by Laura Gallego García. First, I would like to say thanks to Celia because she showed me this fantasy world that was created by this great writter.

Well and now, shhhh I am going to tell you a secret and an incredible thing about books. I am going to present a marvelous web tool to create wonderful and magic things. This is the web tool and app "Aurasma", which have changed the way millions of people see and interact with the world, with the only use of the mobile, bringing images, objects and even physical locations to life with interactive digital content, such as videos, animations...  Using the step-by-step creation wizard within the app to create amazing things and with them, you will be left with your mouth open, and then you will be able to share them with your friends if you want to. Its use is very simple and easy, I didn´t find any dificulties to use it. If you want to see how this tool works, you can see this tutorial about this app, which was created by the group made up by AlvaroMara, Marta, Neus and Paula.

On the other hand, to create the photo (collage) and the video that I used in "Aurasma", I used  well known web tools for you and for me because I told you about in previous posts. These tools are  "Piktochart" and "IMovie", which are very easy to use and free.

And now, this is my Aura, I hope that you will like it. To see it, go to your Aurasma mobile app and follow me, my username in Aurasma is "VictorodRS92". Then put the special camera of the app, in front of my photo (collage) and you can see something amazing and magic. Enjoy it!

Moreover, in Pinterest you can´t only see this aura but also other amazing auras, in particular on the board "A wall of Books".


  1. Thanks for this post, Víctor. Could you tell me how to view the aura, please?
    Best regards

    1. Thank you María Jesús for reading my post, I explained how you can view my Aura now, I hope that my explanation is useful. :)

  2. I am afraid that if I do not know who you are on Aurasma, or what the name of your publich channel is, and I can't follow you, it is impossible to unvail the mystery behind your aura, Víctor
    Kind regards

    1. Ok, María Jesús. I´m so sorry. It is my mistake. Now, you have my public account and my username in the post to follow me and then follow the steps (the special camera of the app)that I explained here (in my post) to see my aura.

      Sorry again. :)