Saturday, 16 April 2016

A collaborative tutorial "How can we use Piktochart?"

Hello everybody!!!
For this last mission in group, we have decided to record a tutorial in order to teach our children how to use an online  tool. In this case, the web tool chosen to explain all this is Piktochart.

We searched for different web tools to create our tutorial  and finally, we decided to use the tool “Screencast-O-Matic” which is an online tool that allows to create videos with screen shoots with high quality of images and sound. There are two versions, we used the free one, which we consider to be very complete. You can select the part of the screen you want to include in your video and  record it for 15 minutes. Moreover, you can use use the webcam so your image will appear in a little slide in the corner. Moreover, this tool also gives you the possibility to share your final product on YouTube or download it.

I only see one disadvantage which is that when we wanted to save the recording, sometimes we had some problems because we needed to click several times to save the work done because this tool was usually blocked. 

We have the recordings, we needed to create our final video about the tutorial and for this, we used the app "IMovie" with the support of an Ipad. As I said on the post "A video challenge", this app is intuitive and fast to work with. It allows you to introduce any music that you want, adding  different videos to create a film or a trailer and pictures, cropping videos, etc. The only bad thing that we found, is that we can´t make the title of our video bigger again.
Both tools can be used in our classes with our students to put in to practice their speaking and ICT skills and in the case of the "Screencast-O-Matic", you can also create a StoryJumper and then record the screen while turning the pages telling the story, all of this with your children. 

And now, here you can watch our video, we hope that you will like it!!!!!!!!!!!

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