Saturday, 9 April 2016

A video challenge

Hello again!!!!!

In this mission, my group and I have created a storyboard template to record a short video to include it in our CLIL e-Project. As I said in my last post, my group is composed by Ana, Elena, Inma, Lola, Natalia and me, Víctor

To do the storyboard, we thought and chose one learning outcome, which was chosen from our common CLIL e-Project and this objective is:

To learn about the physical and political features and some of the most distinguishing representations of the European countries

Then, we were researching some web tools to create our storyboard template and we decided to use the tool called “Storyboard That”. This web tool is incredible, useful and very easy to use. For this reason, we recommended it. Some advantages of this app are: You can choose the number of vignettes that you want to create, and there is a wide range of scenes that you can choose to allocate in the vignettes. There are many different characters whose emotions you can change and different text tables to put in the storyboard too.

But there are some things that could be improved in this app, for example the work that you are creating, is not automatically saved and therefore, you have to be saving it all the time. Another important thing, is that you need to pay if you want to include or upload images and that option would be good, if it were free.

In short, this app is good so that children can create stories about a specific topic of one subject, learning that topic and putting in practice the ICT skills or as a simple support, so that children understand abstract concepts or routines in kindergarten or first grade of Primary. And this tool is wonderful to practice the communication with children with special needs like autistic children, who need to learn everything with many visual resources or materials.

Our final storyboard created with this app is the following:


And now, we are also going to see  the final result of the InfoEdugraphic that we have created and it appears in the storyboard template. We have used the web tool “Piktochart” to create a poster about an European country, although children could use a video to present the country, as it appears in the InfoEdugraphic. In this example, you will learn the most important things about Norway. You can´t  miss it!!!!!!!! 


And finally, we presented our video challenge about the storyboard template that we created with "Picktochart". We have created our video with the app "IMovie" with the support of an Ipad. This app is intuitive and fast to work. It allows you to introduce any music that you want, adding  different videos to create a film or a trailer and pictures, cropping videos, etc. The only bad thing that we found, is that we can´t make  the title of our video bigger.

In the video we have schemed the steps that our students have to follow in order to achieve one of the activities of our CLIL eproject.

Here you can watch our video, we hope that you will like it.

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