Thursday, 14 April 2016

Our LIVE Chocotalk


On Thursday the 7th of April, our master´s class celebrated a live Choco-Talk in YourTube about "How CLIL can contibute to having happier bilingual learners".

First of all, I would like to say thanks for the Chocotalk that my classmates, my teacher (Maria Jesús) and I held the last 7th of April live on YouTube. It was incredible and very interesting, we played different roles in the chocotalk. In my case, in my group I played the role of community manager on Twitter, promoting the event some days before, telling through Twitter the things that my classmates were going to disccus during the Chocotalk and remembering the Chocotalk, that you can see in YouTube, and here in my blog at the end of this post.

As I said, I was the community manager of my group along with Elena, wheareas Inma and Lola were our speakers in the Chocotalk, and Ana and Natalia were our curators who were in charge of collecting all the information told by all the speakers with the help of tweets that the community managers published every day along with those that were also published on the Chocotalk day on Twitter, to make up a little summary, that in our case, our curators wrote for you. They used the web tool "Storify" to create the summary. Come on!!!!!!!!!! Read it and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

In the case of the community managers in my group, our experience (Elena and me, Victor)  with this role, we like because at the beginning was enjoyable and a little streesful because we had to pay to attention to different things at the same time, listening the Chocotalk and write tweets in Twitter about what our classmates discuss in the life talk.

In my case, sometimes it was horrible because I had some problems with the Internet Connection and for this reason, I was inactive during 10 min more or less but we I could recover the connection, everything was good and to the end, I could enjoy the Chocotalk while I was writing about the interesting things that my peers were speaking like social and emotional benefits, advantages and disadvantages of CLIL, the use of ICT, among other topics.

And now without further delay, if you missed it, you can watch it here:

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