Sunday, 1 May 2016

Final reflections

Hello everybody!!!!!!!!! 

Today, it´s a sad day because this journey is coming to an end. And I want to dedicate this new post to my blog and all the posts that I have been able to write during these months. This journey is about to finish, but you can never forget that this blog will be active to help you, my readers, with any problems or doubt that you have.

Anyway, I going to talk about my presentation that you can see at the end of this post. I created my presentation with several web tools. The used apps are already well-known. They are Genially, IMovie and Screencast-O-Matic, which I explained on other posts. The first app is very interesting and colourful. It allows you to create amazing and creative presentations, posters, postcards… And with the last upgrade, it has many new options for your creations. Then, the second web tool is very fast and easy to work. It allows you to introduce any music that you want, adding different videos to create a film or a trailer and pictures. Finally the third app is an online tool that allows to create videos with screen shoots with high quality of images and sound.
On the other hand, in my presentation, you will see that it is divided in six modules, but they have a special order, because I will try to organize everything depending on the apps or topics. For this reason, there are some disorganised modules. For example, the modules two and four are together (Pinterest) or part of the module two with the module five are together (Assessment).

In short, I would like to say THANKS to my teacher Maria Jesús, for everything. She taught us many incredible things about ICT, which I will use in my future as a bilingual teacher in Primary. 

"Come on readers, open your mind to this new way of teaching with ICT and English, to teach content and enjoy it"

And finally, I hope that you enjoy my final presentation:

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