Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Goodbye readers


Hi, my readers! The end of our journey arrived!!!

Four months have passes very fast and this subject finished. It is incredible that after so much work, laughters, etc. everything is remembered with different good feelings and homesickness but in this life, everything has to pass although we don´t want to.

I agree with my classmate Ana, when I confirm that one of the best parts of this course and subject is the challenge that I could develop with my girls Ana, Elena, Inma, Lola  and Natalia. It was a pleasure to work with them because we connected each other very well and we created a marvelous CLIL e-project about European Geography related to Olimpic Games, that I love and I will use in my future classes. As I told in my last reflections we can share thoughts, facts, laughters, ideas, feelings about different topics, subjects and of course the ICT. And I think that the best part of this challenge were the enjoyable moments that we lived in the recording of our videos, where we smiled, cried and felt many things, because we needed to break the routine and moments like those to relax us.

Another amazing thing about this course and this subject were the blogs, that each of us could create with many different superb things, activities, reflections that we made with many illusion, creativity and effort with the help of our teacher María Jesús. Through our blogs we could discover amazing web tools that we will be able to use in our class and I know that our future students will enjoy and thank for breaking with their routines, changing them with new and incredible things that we used this time.

And finally I can´t forget the LIVE chocotalk that run through the nets to get the event of our year. With fears, nerves and much work behind, I take off my hat in front of my classmates because they did a excellent work in it (speakers, community managers and curators). All of us worked with great emotion and the result was perfect and I can´t forget this thing. It was a good idea proposed by our teacher María Jesús that was spectacular. I enjoyed it so much and I can say: BRAVO! for everyone.

It is difficult to decide what thing could be improved about this subject, but I think that this subject is good for us and I think that it has many content that is difficult to use and go in deepth with  the little time that we had to develop our skills in ICT and I think that our teacher would want to teach more interesting things to put into practise in class. However, the problem is the time and the large amount of homework that we have had with other subjects plus the Practicum and TFM, I know that the time can´t change but I think that this subject would need more time to be completely developed .

To sump up, I can say that I have learnt many things and I´m glad because I will be able to open to an unknown world for me up to this moment. I have worked so hard and I have fought with the ICT and in my opinion I have achieved good results. For this reason, I will use everthing in my future with greate illusion and I can´t wait to do it. An finally, thank you María Jesús for all again.

Goodbye everybody forever! TO INFINITY, AND BEYOND WITH ICT.


Best regards!

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