Sunday, 21 February 2016

My PLE and PLN for CLIL

Personal Learning environment and personal learning network (What is my experience about the CLIL methodological approach?

I began to hear about the CLIL methodological approach when I was studying my Primary Education degree in Complutense University. I saw some basic concepts about CLIL in the English teaching subject, but they were explained in a brief way. I had no opportunity to put into practice the basic principles of CLIL then. However, that problem is solved because I have been seeing and using CLIL in the Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education. During the last months I’ve learned many things about CLIL (strategies, resources…) through different ways that you can see in my personal mind map. 

To make my PLE and PLN, I used the web tool “Coggle”. At first, I didn´t know what tool I could use but I decided to use this web tool because it is very easy and in its free version there are many different characteristics to create an original and attractive diagram or mind map about  the learning of CLIL. I can say that a positive aspect of this tool is that you can add images to your diagram. Now, I’m going to describe why I chose the elements, which appear in my diagram, that I divided into five parts. 


1.      Search
  • YouTube: I found songs for the lessons related to CLIL and practical demonstrations with children.
  • Moodle (URJC): This tool allows to share projects, ideas, information about CLIL with the classmates and the teachers.
  • Google: I use this server for everything: information, pictures …
  • Websites / Blogs: I use them to look for characteristics, information… to use in the CLIL lessons, activities…
  • Pinterest: I use this app to look for ideas to make displays or models for the class. This app has many creative ideas to use them.
  • Twitter: I use it to share thoughts and clarify doubts about CLIL.
2.      Communication
  • Twitter / Facebook: I use them to look for information, share thoughts and clarify doubts about CLIL.
  • WhatsApp / Line: I use these tools to share opinions, do tasks, talk to classmates about CLIL…
  •  Outlook / Gmail: These tools are used to send tasks, opinions…
3.      Surfing the Internet (Look for…)
  • Safari / Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Internet Explorer: I use these tools to look for information to do tasks about CLIL lessons, activities for the class…
4.      Creation
  • Pixton / Paint: To design introductions, pictures...
  • Microsoft Office: To do activities of the CLIL lessons.
  • Movie Maker: To create videos.
  • Coggle: To design diagrams.
5.      Oganization
  • Google Drive / Dropbox. I use this tool to keep important information, pictures and projects that I have done in class about CLIL. Moreover, we use the app to share our projects and modify them.

I put my PLN link to my PLE, because they share different elements.

This is my diagram for my PLE and PLN for CLIL.

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