Thursday, 17 March 2016

CLIL eProject Prototype (Social Science - Europe)

Hi everybody!

Today, I´m going to present to you my future CLIL e-project. In my case, I am going to develop an e-project about the European Geography and it is called "Europe". Why this topic? Because I love Geography and in my practices in the master, children were studying this topic so I had the opportunity to teach and create some activities about it. Moreover, in the e-project I could include some interesting multimedia tools to make the topic more attractive and to help children understand it better.

You can see how is my e-project in Google Docs HERE.

To create my videoclip I used two programmes: “Movie Maker” to make the video and “Photoshop” to create the gifs and slideshow. I chose these multimedia tools because I used these tools to create videos in Secondary Education and I remembered how to use them more or less. I think that the worst part was situating gifs in the video. For this reason, it took me more time to create it. But with these tools, you can make different beautiful things and they allow you to add music and audios too, without any problems. However, I think that this tool is a little complicated to use with Primary students. But with enough time you can do everything.

In my video, I tried to tell everything which I consider important and make it more pleasant with music and my voice in a different tone to catch the attention.

And now my videoclip, I hope you like it:


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